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Alessandro Barellini| Luxury Prive NYC, USA

This summer, Luxury Prive NYC, USA invited Alessandro Barellini Firenze to participate in their special designer showcase.  So, in the spirit of doing something new and different in one of our favorite cities, we’re excited to be heading to the “Big Apple” in July to do our first trade show for fine jewelry retailers.

We look forward to meet people, share ideas, learn and take this opportunity to launch our colorful, chic, Dune line of rings, earrings and pendants.  Along with Dune, we’ll feature our coveted Magia collection.  As well, we’ll have a few more inspiring surprises with us.

While in NYC, we’ll also make sure to see friends and enjoy some of our favorite restaurants and all that the great city of New York has to offer – hope to see you there!

Come visit Alessandro Barellini Firenze:

Luxury Prive booth J108

Intercontinental Barclay, NYC

Sunday, July 23rd – Tuesday, 25th, 2017

Dune dome ring by Alessandro Barellini Firenze

Dune dome ring by Alessandro Barellini Firenze

We love feedback – we appreciate the insight and interaction that is gleaned from it.  Recently, we were heartened to hear from a client after she wore her new Dune dome ring for a month, that she feels empowered by wearing it.  The Dune dome ring by Alessandro Barellini Firenze was designed to look well on virtually every finger and we’re glad that it appeals to those who are individualistic in their style choices.

As with all of the rings that Alessandro Barellini designs, the Dune design continues around the entire ring so there are points of interest throughout.  Sun-kissed dunes are the inspiration for his hand sculpted, flowing cradles of 18kt gold and individually set diamonds that emulate the splendor of sparkling sand dunes.  The elevation of the dome shape enhances this brilliant effect and tapers around the finger.

The Dune dome ring is also available in a spectrum of special process deep-set enamel colors.

Having fun wearing the new Dune

Having fun wearing the new Dune by Alessandro Barellini Firenze!

Proud to say, this isn’t the first time we’ve been told that wearing our jewelry is “fun” – but Dune by Alessandro Barellini Firenze is undergoing a revival of sorts and that’s what we’re hearing about the new collection.

One of the reasons, so it seems, are the colors – lots of them — in translucent and opaque, deep-set enamel.  Designed to catch light in interesting ways, the effect is being referred to as “almost mystical”.  The rings and pendants can be stacked to mix colors and change at whim.

That, coupled with the playful nuances he designs to amuse the wearer — like the way the pendant slides as if it’s floating on the chain.  And, how the hoop earrings are designed to close with ultimate comfort and ease – and to look luminous on the lobe.

Alessandro Barellini revels in inventing clever ways for the wearer to interact with their jewelry. So often, unless we are wearing rings or bracelets, we wear pieces that we don’t get to see, even though observers do  — he understands that and seeks to create enjoyment for everyone!

Alessandro Barellini Firenze|Dune collection

If you’re in Florence, Italy, please visit Idrus atelier where chances are you’ll see designer Alessandro Barellini at his bench making a piece from his new Dune collection – and the view you’ll have is of a sculptor – creating wearable sculpture.

Glistening sunlit dunes are the inspiration for his Dune collection.  He hand sculpts shining, angular cradles of 18kt gold to frame flowing dunes made from the finest quality individually set diamonds or a spectrum of enamel colors.

As part of his process, Alessandro Barellini perpetually studies how to best construct all of his pieces for comfort, durability and beauty and is constantly evolving his designs.  His challenge with Dune was to make sure that the enamel would endure while creating it’s desired effect – so he set out to sculpt the ‘dunes’ so that they would hold the enamel securely and show off it’s splendor. That, along with discovery of a special deep-set enameling process, achieved the durability and look he sought and has made all of the difference in his newly refreshed Dune line.

Dune has been a favorite for years, and now this chic line has more vibrant colors, and new, fun earring and pendant designs.

Magia by Alessandro Barellini Firenze @jckevents on Instagram

As we’re busy preparing to do our first ever show for fine jewelers at Luxury Prive, New York City, we heard that they have posted our Magia rings on their Instagram. The set of Magia rings featured are our two-piece interlocking diamond and 18kt gold Magia ring, accompanied by our Magia one-piece ring in black enamel and 18kt gold.  Each piece of our fine jewelry is expertly hand crafted by Alessandro Barellini in his atelier, Idrus, Florence, Italy.

We are looking forward to an exciting, inspiring event, July 23-25, Luxury Prive, NYC — thank you @jckevents!

Alessandro Barellini|il gioiello “Trottola” sul Corriere della sera|Firenze

La Trottola gioiello di Alessandro Barellini sul corriere Fiorentino. Grazie a Laura Antonini che con spirito di osservazione ha notato i nostri gioielli in occasione della visita del Principe Carlo e della Duchessa Camilla a Firenze. Di seguito il suo articolo redatto per il Corriere Fiorentino:

“chi lo ha detto che i gioielli sono solo cose da grandi? L’artista orafo fiorentino Alessandro Barellini nelle teche del suo laboratorio boutique Idrus con vista sul Lungarno Guicciardini realizza creazioni di alta gioielleria con cui si può anche giocare. Anelli scomponibili a forma di corona che lasciano la possibilità al cliente di creare la propria composizione in funzione del colore dell’oro, del tipo di pietre e della dimensione preferita da vestire sul dito. E un richiestissimo pendente a forma di trottola. In argento o – come quello esposto in onore della visita della Duchessa Camilla di Cornovaglia all’attiguo British Institute – in oro diciotto carati con giro di diamanti neri. Il prezioso legato alla collana da un sofisticato meccanismo invisibile ideato ad hoc si può infatti staccare con un semplice click. Basta una superfice piana per trasformare quindi il gioiello in un gioco dell’infanzia.”

From the bench|Alessandro Barellini

From the bench – Glistening sunlit dunes are the inspiration for Alessandro Barellini’s Dune collection – available in a variety of ring, pendant and earring designs.

Each piece is hand sculpted at the bench using 18kt gold and the finest quality diamonds.  Every diamond is deliberately placed to reflect light in such a way that together they sparkle like sand dunes lit by bright sun.

Shown here is a custom Dune diamond ring, commissioned by the client in 18kt rose gold accented with red enamel.  All of our enamel work is done using a special deep setting process.

All Dune diamond pieces are made to order so they can be as you prefer, with or without enamel – and in the gold tone and enamel color of your choice.

from the bench

From the bench- Sometimes, Alessandro Barellini’s custom designed pieces evolve from his collection designs.  A good example is this Special Edition, Eternal Circle Pendant that came to be when a client admired his Dune collection and commissioned this piece that he designed to suit her needs.

Glistening, sun-kissed dunes of sand and snow inspired Dune design. At the bench, Alessandro Barellini hand sculpts shining, angular, 18kt gold cradles that frame flowing dunes of the finest quality, individually set diamonds.

The pendant hangs via a striking enamel loop that joins it to a Dune link, hand carved chain of 18kt gold.

As shown, in 18kt white gold accented with blue enamel – can be with or without enamel – available in the size, gold tone and enamel color of your choice.

buon 2017!

buon anno!

here’s to a new year of wishes come true…


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the new dune collection

Dune has been a favorite for years, and now this chic line has more vibrant colors, and new, fun earring and pendant designs.





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