We are participating in DesignArt Tokyo 2018! Come see us at Tenoha Daikanyama from October 19-28th.

アレッサンドロ バレッリーニ来日!

DESIGNART TOKYO 2018(デザイナート)に出展

Italian DESIGNART Collection 2018 ~ featuring「あなたの知らないイタリアへ」~


アレッサンドロ バレッリーニが東京デザイナートと呼ばれるアートとデザインのフェスティバルに参加いたします。

どうぞ、この機会にデザイナーと会話し、イタリアンジュエリーの醍醐味をお楽しみ下さい。【10/19(金)~10/28(日)OPEN 11時~20時】


場所 TENOHA代官山 東京都渋谷区代官山町20-23(東急東横線代官山駅徒歩3分)

Alessandro Barellini Firenze|Hamptons Jewelry Show

How’s your summer going?  Ours has been busy– we’re prepping for and are very much looking forward to participate in the Hamptons Jewelry Show, August 2-5 in chic Southampton, NY.

This is a curated, open to the public, exclusive event.  We’re excited to see those of you we know, and to meet those of you we don’t.  It’ll be a lot of fun!

Please let us know if you would like to attend and we’ll gladly arrange for tickets.

We hope to see you there, booth #206!

Visit us on Instagram

Visit us on Instagram @alessandrobarellini.jewels

Those of you who know us and have visited our atelier Idrus Firenze, know that we’re all about welcoming you to our “home” – for an enjoyable, personal experience.

When you enter, you’d likely recognize that we’re rooted in tradition when you see that for the most part we spend our days at the bench, designing and crafting each of our jewels by hand – as master-craftsman before us have done for centuries.  And, you’ll no doubt notice that we have a tendency to create interactive experiences, both through our designs and with our inclination to get to know you and your preferences, and ultimately, to create a joyful experience for you as you wear what we’ve made, especially for you.

It’s with the same sentiment that we open to the present and look to the future as we reach out into the social world to extend a welcoming hand.  We look forward to continue meaningful conversations, begin new ones and expand our horizons.

We warmly welcome you to visit us at @alessandrobarellini.jewels.  Whether you visit us there, here, or at our atelier Idrus Firenze, we’re eager to hear from you, to know your impressions and to connect!

vita collection is here

Flowing naturally from design through sculpting to fruition, Vita by Alessandro Barellini Firenze evolved organically as his expression of nature’s subtle yet dynamic energy.

A lively collection of assorted pendants, earrings and stacking rings, Vita is at once chic, sexy and fun.  All of the pieces are available in engraved or polished 18kt rose or white gold, with all diamonds or a colorful variety of gemstones.

Vita has something for everyone, with two design options for both the pendants and rings.  Rings can be worn individually, or can gracefully interweave when stacked in multiples.  The pendants come in two sizes.  All, along with the earrings, can be made-to-order in the stone, 18kt gold texture and color of your choice.

Contact us for additional information 

Alessandro Barellini | アレッサンドロ バレッリーニのテレビ出演

4/2(月)23時より放送のテレビ番組、「BS-TBS あなたの知らないイタリアへ」にアレッサンドロ バレッリーニが出演します。アレッサンドロのクリエーターとしての日常に密着取材。




happy 2018

Alessandro Barellini| イドゥルス フィレンツェ 新しくなったDUNEドゥーネ






colorful new pieces for autumn

Autumn brings with it an abundance of colorful changes in nature – different colors and various changes depending on where you are in the world – the fall months are an ideal time to observe the beauty around us. So many of Alessandro Barellini’s designs take cues from nature and light. The latest being his new Dune line of stackable bands, hoop earrings, orb earrings and pendants.  When you put them on, you will experience jewelry that is designed as much for comfort and synergistic movement with the body as it is for beauty. Dune design emulates the brilliance of flowing dunes, kissed by the sun. Hand sculpted 18kt gold cradles are filled with ‘dunes’ of durable, deep-set enamel that you can choose to have in a spectrum of opaque and/or translucent colors.The pendants and bands can be stacked, mixed and matched – the choice is yours – all are chic, fun additions to your wardrobe every season!

when you buy something from an artist

Here is something we saw that we feel compelled to share with you as it resonates with us – author unknown.


  • the new vita collection-image
  • the new vita collection-image
  • the new vita collection-image
  • the new vita collection-image

the new vita collection

Flowing naturally from design through sculpting to fruition, Vita by Alessandro Barellini Firenze evolved organically as his expression of nature’s subtle yet dynamic energy.


magia collection

view collection



vita PD

vita indossata

idrus collection

forma indossato

forma bc

magia enamel

about us

about us

Alessandro Barellini is an inspired, innovative, designer.

Born, raised and educated in Florence, Italy, he was captivated by the abundant history, culture and tradition around him.