Alessandro Barellini Firenze|Dune collection

If you’re in Florence, Italy, please visit Idrus atelier where chances are you’ll see designer Alessandro Barellini at his bench making a piece from his new Dune collection – and the view you’ll have is of a sculptor – creating wearable sculpture.

Glistening sunlit dunes are the inspiration for his Dune collection.  He hand sculpts shining, angular cradles of 18kt gold to frame flowing dunes made from the finest quality individually set diamonds or a spectrum of enamel colors.

As part of his process, Alessandro Barellini perpetually studies how to best construct all of his pieces for comfort, durability and beauty and is constantly evolving his designs.  His challenge with Dune was to make sure that the enamel would endure while creating it’s desired effect – so he set out to sculpt the ‘dunes’ so that they would hold the enamel securely and show off it’s splendor. That, along with discovery of a special deep-set enameling process, achieved the durability and look he sought and has made all of the difference in his newly refreshed Dune line.

Dune has been a favorite for years, and now this chic line has more vibrant colors, and new, fun earring and pendant designs.

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Posted: 4 luglio 2017