Having fun wearing the new Dune

Having fun wearing the new Dune by Alessandro Barellini Firenze!

Proud to say, this isn’t the first time we’ve been told that wearing our jewelry is “fun” – but Dune by Alessandro Barellini Firenze is undergoing a revival of sorts and that’s what we’re hearing about the new collection.

One of the reasons, so it seems, are the colors – lots of them — in translucent and opaque, deep-set enamel.  Designed to catch light in interesting ways, the effect is being referred to as “almost mystical”.  The rings and pendants can be stacked to mix colors and change at whim.

That, coupled with the playful nuances he designs to amuse the wearer — like the way the pendant slides as if it’s floating on the chain.  And, how the hoop earrings are designed to close with ultimate comfort and ease – and to look luminous on the lobe.

Alessandro Barellini revels in inventing clever ways for the wearer to interact with their jewelry. So often, unless we are wearing rings or bracelets, we wear pieces that we don’t get to see, even though observers do  — he understands that and seeks to create enjoyment for everyone!

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Posted: 16 luglio 2017