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Visit us on Instagram @alessandrobarellini.jewels

Those of you who know us and have visited our atelier Idrus Firenze, know that we’re all about welcoming you to our “home” – for an enjoyable, personal experience.

When you enter, you’d likely recognize that we’re rooted in tradition when you see that for the most part we spend our days at the bench, designing and crafting each of our jewels by hand – as master-craftsman before us have done for centuries.  And, you’ll no doubt notice that we have a tendency to create interactive experiences, both through our designs and with our inclination to get to know you and your preferences, and ultimately, to create a joyful experience for you as you wear what we’ve made, especially for you.

It’s with the same sentiment that we open to the present and look to the future as we reach out into the social world to extend a welcoming hand.  We look forward to continue meaningful conversations, begin new ones and expand our horizons.

We warmly welcome you to visit us at @alessandrobarellini.jewels.  Whether you visit us there, here, or at our atelier Idrus Firenze, we’re eager to hear from you, to know your impressions and to connect!

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Posted: 14 giugno 2018