Introducing Anita and Francesco, our dear customers and friends, together with their adorable children.

Photographed by the talented duo MeDisProject (here presented) who conceived the Portrait in a Time of Distance project: family portraits taken remotely, with the help of Shutter App technology that allows them to remotely access your smartphone camera, giving entree into peoples lives and capturing their precious moments, resulting in professional portraits from afar.

In times when distance is necessary to protect those we love, with this initiative, photographers Dovilė and Matteo are able to provide a sense of intimacy and togetherness through their portraits.

To find out how to participate, and thus have your own family portrait, we invite you to continue reading.



In the meantime, let’s get back to our subjects!

Francesco is a Florentineblissfully in love with his wife Anita. Recently, in his search for a special jewel to celebrate the birth of their second child, Francesco turned to Alessandro Barellini.  He choose a Special Object, designed to fulfill every preference and express the profound sentiment of the occasion.



Conveying the emotions of life’s special moments through design inspires Alessandro.

We talked with Anita and Francesco to find out a little about them and their life in Florence, the city where they live with their children.


Anita and Francesco, how would you describe yourselves?

A: A mom who loves her job.

F: A person who loves simple things.


If you were a film, a book, a song or another work of genius, which would you be?

A: Book: Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.

F: Book: Madness by Patrick McGrath.


How did your love story start?

A: When I met Francesco, I felt at home.

F: It was born in the simplest way and since it was born it has been all about renewing itself, growing without ever stopping or making evaluations or compromises.


What is love for you?

A: Building.

F: Love is life.


You live in Florence, what are your favorite places? Can you tell us about some special, off the beaten path spots?

A: The Oblate Library and the Iris Garden.

F: The roofs of Florence. Not very often you have the opportunity to see them, but for me it is always a discovery, to be able to admire the panorama of Florence from above.


How would you describe Florence to those who don’t live here?

A: A city resting on the past and not looking towards the future.

F: A magical city.


Francesco, what made you choose to work with Alessandro Barellini on your special gift for Anita?

F: I have known Alessandro for more than 30 years. I watched him evolve as a goldsmith, as a creative, a craftsman and as a man. Alessandro starts with an original idea, designs and makes his jewels by hand, with love for his work and with respect for the goldsmithing tradition. His creations are always special and interesting.


Francesco, how did you choose the jewel to give to Anita? What were you looking for?

F: I was looking for something unique, precious and not commercial. All of Alessandro’s jewels strike me as unique and precious creations.


Anita how would you define your style, even when choosing a jewel?

A: Not obvious, simple but elegant at the same time.


What do you consider valuable in life?

A: Love, being together.

F: Life itself with all the difficulties and satisfactions.


We thank Anita and Francesco for sharing their time and giving us a glimpse of their life together.


Would you like to participate in the project and receive your family portrait from a distance? Wherever you are, you can contact MeDisProject through the form on their website, or through their social channels.

Follow them to discover all the portraits of the project and more!



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